Rape And The Indian Capital Delhi

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India is a large country, but the type of violence seen in the United States is non existent in   India. But there are pockets where crime will rival the United States. One of these is the city of Delhi, which has the dubious distinction of recording the maximum number of rapes in India.  It is a sad commentary on the law and order scene in the national capital that almost I/4 Th of all rape cases occurred in Delhi.

The figures released by the National Crime records bureau of the Ministry of home make distressing reading. It shows that out of all cities in India, Delhi recorded 401 rape cases out of a total of 1696 cases reported.There may be a lot many unreported cases as well. In addition out of a total of 3644 abductions of women Delhi again topped with 1379.

Delhi has never been a safe city for women. The reasons are not far to seek as it is an extremely large area, with a massive floating population. In addition it has a porous border with the other states and a criminal after a rape can make a quick get away.

Rape is very common in the capital and one other reason is the shortage of police men. This is a fact as a large contingent of the police force is used up to provide security to the political leaders who throng to Delhi. Being the seat of the government, foreign visitors also turn up in large numbers and the police force is thus detracted from its primary duty of guarding the citizen.

Another aspect of rape i.e. incest rape is also on the rise, though the dubious distinction for the largest number of rape cases involving incest is in Chhattisgarh.

The question that arises is how one gets of this rape syndrome, which has Delhi by the neck. The Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit some time back blamed the migrants for the crimes in Delhi. This is however a simplistic answer and the reason are more deep rooted than one thinks off. This involves the male psyche in India, where a woman is thought of as a source of pleasure. This happens every where, but when certain lines are transgressed the government must think of a solution.

The Delhi government could start with some extra police force for patrolling, particularly the deserted and lonely spots of the capital that are many. Secondly a reduction of VIP security is certainly called for as a lot many politicians are provided security, for prestige only. This needs to be reviewed. One can’t allow the capital of India to become a haven for rapists.


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