Why Getting Fat ?

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But then … all is not as simple

There are actually many more factors and parameters to consider: if we are all the same, we are also all different.

Indeed, blood sugar levels, muscle mass, temperature and blood pressure are all factors that conspicuous our metabolism.
Our genetic heritage is also critical in our easy to grow or not.
Medical reasons as a deregulation of satiety system (which controls the state of hunger) also exist.

In addition, to further complicate our case, there are also some psychological reasons for bulimia.
Eat naturally gives us a sense of well being. Emotions such as fear, lack, fear, desire for comfort or other negative thoughts causes us to eat. Because eating relieves us immediately.

But then, the more you eat … the more you feel guilty for not having control over his diet.
Result, the negative emotion will lead us straight to the food!
It is therefore a vicious circle.
And the mere fact that he simply ‘eat less and exercise more’ is not as obvious.

Differences Men – Women

Fat is sexist.
It can not be stored in the same places in men or women.

* The man will tend to store fat in the upper body (neck, shoulders, stomach), while the woman, she will accumulate more in the lower (hip, waist, thighs, buttocks).
* The woman is more resistant to fat accumulation than men. The man will soon see their arteries clog with all the cardiovascular risks that entails.
* Women also grow more easily than men. The reason is that they will need a lot of energy to give life to a child and then breastfeeding. The female body is naturally programmed to respond to fertility.

Food Quality

The scourge of our time is undoubtedly the poor quality of food industrial.

Remember that these are primarily designed to be sold as much as possible. To do this, it is necessary that consumers buy them. That is to say that the food must be manufactured to be tasty, sweet, nice and consumed with great pleasure. Short, fat and sweet! The opposite of balanced nutrition.

More easily induce the metabolism of fat storage in the body according to the nutritional quality of foods.
A diet high in sugar and fat will require less effort for the body to store it as fat.

However, foods rich in fiber, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals provide the body with essential elements to its operation by limiting the weight gain.


If we grow, so it’s for reasons many and varied: genetics, metabolism, emotional reasons, lack of physical activity, poor quality of our food …

Each method of thinning is more or less in each of these reasons.
It can not exist on the market one and the same thinning method for everyone. If so, this would be a long time.

It is therefore necessary first to know the real reasons for our weight gain in order to choose wisely thinning method that suits us. To do so, the opinions of doctors is valuable goals. Only they can detect a medical reason for weight gain.


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