Anxiety Attacks: Symptoms

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The anxiety attacks are more common than you might think. Most family physicians know. They are regularly consulted by persons suffering from anxiety attack and know how much this “disease” can be debilitating. So do you suffer or not from anxiety attacks? Here are some symptoms that let you know:

1. The increased heart rate or the sensation of accelerating your heart rate.

A person with panic attacks often experience accelerated heart rate. This often makes him believe that she suffered a heart attack while they are not. However many victims of panic attack presenting to hospital emergency rooms thinking they are doing a heart attack.

2. Shortness of breath and breathing problems.

When you do an anxiety attack, you often experience a feeling of being out of breath and short of breath. You feel hard to breathe. Your breathing can be as fast. This rapid breathing is observed during an anxiety attack is known as hyperventilation syndrome. Hyperventilation involves a change in the balance of the blood with an excess of oxygen. This causes other symptoms in addition to respiratory problems. These symptoms are dizziness, tingling sensations in hands and feet. It can be useful sometimes to force them to breathe into a plastic bag or paper to calm the crisis and return to a normal state.

3. An immense feeling of terror.

An immense terror is a symptom perhaps the most frequent during acute anxiety attacks. You feel that something catastrophic is about to happen to you and that you will die. This is probably the most disturbing symptom of panic attacks.

4. Raising or lowering your body temperature.

You can experience a rapid increase in body temperature which is manifested by sweating, or hot flashes. But you can also experience a drop in temperature and chills.

5. Dizziness and vertigo.

These symptoms are often experienced during a panic attack and can be the result of hyperventilation syndrome.

6. The feeling of being detached from its environment.

Victims of anxiety attack often feel to be detached from reality and their immediate environment. This symptom is called depersonalization and very often.

7. The feeling of loss of control.

When you make an anxiety attack, you often feel you are about to lose control. You can also ask if you’re going crazy or mad. It is this feeling of loss of control or impending madness that makes victims of panic attacks are afraid to go into public places because they feel they could do anything and become a danger to herself and to others. This sensation is a symptom and has nothing to do with reality. No person suffering an anxiety attack ever moved into a destructive or murderous frenzy.

The anxiety attacks are usually quite brief, ranging from minutes to half an hour. Unfortunately, this time even if it is short on the face of a clock is felt as an eternity for the victim.

If you have any of the symptoms described in this article, it is important that you consult a doctor immediately to see that you probably are suffering from anything serious. It is important to make sure that you are not inclined to have a heart attack or stroke. While getting out of the doctor being told that suffers nothing, as is often the case for 99% of people suffered a panic attack, is not pleasant, it is nevertheless the necessary first step and then attack the evil with a suitable method. Once reassured about your general health, then you can use an effective method to permanently cure you of your panic attacks.


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