How to Have Abs Fast: The Two Things to Take Into Account

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And for good reason, it requires much involvement but it is possible!

If you follow these two recommendations for 3 months, you will get results.

Here we go …
How to have abs fast: Nutrition (part 1)

This is the most important. You can have the best abs tablet in the world but if it is covered with a thick layer of fat, you will not see anything. Here are some tips:

1 / punctuate your days with 5 or 6 smaller meals to burn more calories. Digestion burns lots of energy.

2 / Stop eating food anti-abs’ as white bread, sugars, fast food, the base oil, soda syrups and other … Instead, replace the olive oil, cereals, vegetables, fruits, eggs, chicken, fish, protein and water.

3 / Be realistic. You will find it difficult to follow exactly the advice here and there but be sure that a conscious effort on your eating habits is the key if you want abs quickly.
How to have abs fast: Exercises (part 2)

It is best to practice these three types of exercises: cardio, and abdominal exercises with loads at 3 to 4 times a week

1 / The cardio, it can be: walking, running, biking, swimming … diversify so as not to saturate. Practice from 30 to 45 minutes of cardio at least 2 times a week.

2 / exercises with loads are very important to have abs. 1 more pounds of muscle is like a little over a mile run. And yes, muscle burns more calories than fat. If you’re not sure what exercises to do, I recommend the excellent book by Mike Geary: All About Abs. Practice exercises with a minimum charge 2 times a week. From 30 to 45 minutes per session.

3 / Finally to have beautiful abs, incorporate into your routine training exercises abs. Work the 3 times a week. You can find some here. There are tons of exercises to work your abs.

Tip: Change your exercises every 2 weeks for your body does not get used and you do not saturate at the level of motivation. Try to vary your charges also, the number of sets and repetitions in each set. You can also change the cardio exercises.

Well, I hope you see more quickly how to have abs (3 months, if not longer than that). Follow this program to the letter and you will see amazing results although this can vary from one individual to another.

In all cases, it requires great commitment and seriousness on your part so brace yourself. It’s worth it.


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