Reasons You Should Should Quit Your Job

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Believe it or not there are terrific reasons to leave your job. A Mercer study was conducted of 2400 workers and nearly 33% admitted that they were seriously considering leaving their current job. In this current economy having a job is a blessing. However, there are some terrific reasons to quit a job.

Not having a long drive to the office or living in a tiny cubicle day after day will make many workers search for another place of employment. Even a close talking coworker that has onions every day for lunch can make you contemplate leaving your current employer.

With the economy where it is today, these are not good enough reasons to stand in the unemployment line. There are four issues that should make you seriously consider leaving your current employer outlined here.

Any major ethical issues

Major ethical issues are things that you cannot resolve. If you work in a place those conflicts with your ethics or sense of self, you must look for another place of employment that suits your ethics. Move to greener pastures immediately.

The company is going under

Just at rats run from a sinking ship, so should you. You see the secret meetings and hear the rumors that the company will soon be gone. Don’t be the last rats on the sinking ship; look for another ship before this one is gone.

There are some companies that will tell their employees weeks ahead of time that they are going to be unemployed. Take advantage of this heads-up and leave your job. If you don’t have to go down with the ship, don’t.

If the company is advising you that your division will be null and void, look within the company for a piece of employment that suits your niche. If not, look somewhere else for your paycheck.

Seriously stressed

Do the days seem like weeks and every Sunday evening you get sour stomach thinking about Monday morning and the week ahead? If so, you may be seriously stressed. There are other signs and symptoms of being seriously stressed, but many people who are seriously stressed know if they are.

Being seriously stressed can lead to depression, anxiety and other mental and physical illnesses. A job making you physically ill is one that you should leave as soon as possible. Things won’t get better unless you make a change.

Your relationship at the office has gone bad

There are stories of coworkers meeting at the office and living happily ever after. However, office and romance are two words that are very risky together.

If a relationship at the office didn’t go the way you planned and is affecting how well you do your job, you need to find another place to work. You can look for another team within the company or look for another job.

After making the final decision to leave your employer, make certain you find a new job before the old one ends. Even if you decide that you are going to freelance, line up some clients before making a big move such as this.

There are some terrific reasons to quit your job. America’s current economy makes moving to another place of employment very stressful and many don’t want to make a move as big as this one unless they have to. These are four reasons that make the decision to find another way to earn a living a reality.


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