Do You Believe in Ghosts?

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Do you believe in ghosts?

You might have heard stories about good and bad ghosts from your mother when you were a small child. As you grew up you would have debated in your mind if ghosts are real or imaginary stuff. Now, I am telling you they are very much real and they reside in our Earth too. Often they are referred as, ‘Evil spirits’. Only the Holy Bible makes a reference to them and it alone tells us the origin and nature of these beings. They are very much supernatural too, in that they could appear and vanish at will; they could enter your body and take residence there and so on.

These evil spirits are live persons and they are not the souls of the dead people as some humans believe. [Incidentally, once dead, a human being could never come back to the Earth ever in any form] These evil spirits are none but the banished angels from Heaven.

There was a war in Heaven much before creation of Adam and Eve. Satan and some rebellious angels on one side and Jesus Christ and the remaining angels on the other side. Satan was defeated in this battle. (Read Revelation 12.) God felt that the vanquished could not live in Heaven any longer and had to be sent out. The fair minded just God gave a choice to Satan: “There are many planets in the Universe. To which one would you and your followers like to go?” “Earth” answered Satan and that’s how they are here. Satan by then knew about God Head’s plan of creating human beings on Earth. Satan wanted to take control of the future human beings. So,he wanted his defeated angels to be thrown to the Earth. We don’t know how many of them were cast down. Possibly a few millions. Being ex-angels they enjoy some power too, very limited power though, once again accorded to them by the just God. And they are here to deceive the earthlings.

Angels are beautiful looking creatures, much more handsome than us men and women. But these banished angels have lost their charming looks and have been turned into horrible beasts. Don’t you ever ask any ghost to show himself to you.

The living human beings are their victims. They harass some people with strange ailments and physical torture. It is not known on what basis the ghosts select their prey but once they enter into their physical body they could attack them in various ways short of taking away life.

The Gospels tell us how Lord Jesus Christ had driven them out of some persons seized by them and they obeyed Lord Jesus. Evil spirit have good knowledge of the true God and they fear Him no end.

Christians are the ghosts’ special targets. In fact they detest the sight of Christians. It is my personal view that no ghost could ever approach a ‘believing Christian’ without taking permission from Lord Jesus Christ. And sometime, the Lord does permit Satan and his cohorts to test, tempt and trouble some of the true God’s followers in a limited way. Satan may choose those Christians who are weak in faith, to be ruffled by him and his members. But otherwise, every Christian is protected from the power of the evil spirits.

If you want to be free from the clutches of the evil spirits, put your trust and faith in Lord Jesus Christ and these spirits dare not come near you.


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