Make Your Own Photo Book

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Web-based technology is moving ahead so fast even internet savvy people do not always appreciate what’s available online for a very modest price. Until you have held a photo album/book that has been created online and then printed and delivered, it is hard to imagine the high quality of the finished article – it may be a photo book that has been created online, but it will have the feel and smell of a published book, typically sold in High Street book shops.

Let us take a step back to what we were all doing with our snaps little more than 10 years ago. Once we had exposed the 35mm film, we would take it to a chemist or film processor to be developed and for the photos to be printed. The best of the prints we may have placed in a photo album. Today, there are online photo albums where people upload their photos so that friends and family can take a look via their computers from anywhere in the world. Although that is a convenient service it should be complemented by the creation of tangible photobooks. The biggest danger with the digital world is that images can be easily lost. If Facebook suddenly went out of business, all the photos posted on people’s Facebook pages would disappear; that cannot happen if you create your photo books online and then have them printed and delivered into your hands.

Photo books online

There are websites such as those offered by Bonusprint where you can either download photo book creation software or you can upload your photos and create your photo album/book online. Pre-designed template pages help you to create imaginative effects with your photos and for you to make comments, state the dates and locations and the names of the people within the photos. Once your photo album/book is complete, you can either upload it to the website for printing; or, if it has been created online, pay a small fee and send your photo album-book to be printed. It doesn’t take a creative wizard to produce beautifully designed pages and cover for your photo album-book to look and feel amazing.

After years spent sticking photos into albums, the photo album-book is a revelation. Because of the modest price, it is possible to create photo album/books online that follow certain themes whether it is to celebrate a major birthday or a landmark anniversary. It may be that you wish to create a photobook for each year so that your children have a beautifully presented record of their childhood birthdays and holidays – one book for each of course!

Online photo books

There is no doubt, that people like to publish their photos online and online photo “al-books” are a very easy way to let your friends and family see your latest snaps but online photo albums do not have the same emotional impact as a photo al-book that is created online but is subsequently printed and delivered to your door for you to hold and treasure forever. When your children are grown up, it’s the tangible photos that they will love to see; the ones they can touch and are preserved in beautifully presented photo al-books.



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