Eco-Friendly Marketing Strategy

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Today, we all have needed to promote sustainable living to safe our world for future human being. We should do use eco-friendly products that can be recycled. We use many different materials for different purposes that are not eco-friendly. When we try to promote our business, we also used different materials that can cause harm to our world and increases the pollution. Using a paper material for your business marketing purpose is very effective.

For the promotion of your business, you can use material that is made with paper such as cards, brochures, pamphlets, press kits, postcards. Though marketing is an important aspect of business and every business need it. You can send printed materials to your targeted material in a less wasteful way such as postcards.

You can even eco-friendly postcard to your targeted audience. Eco-friendly postcards are also printed on the material of but the processes of this paper material by which they produce are more environmental conscious than standard method. The eco-friendly postcards are made with recycled paper or cardboard.   

The percentage of recycled printed paper is quite high. You can find everything from 10 percent recycled postcards to 100 percent. As you can see, 100 percent paper postcard makes it most eco-friendly. The recycled paper color is usually, brown or off-white, so many marketers prefer to blend new paper material with recycled material.

The paper of eco-friendly postcard is quite flimsy, so you should also be careful about the usage of ink. To give a eco-friendly look to your postcard, you don’t only need to pop the printing paper in the printer. You also need to use other sustainable materials for this purpose such as soy based ink. This ink is bright and vivid just like our other regular ink material and it is less harmful to the environment. Thus, it makes the postcard more eco-friendly.

Try a simple way of mailing to promote environmental friendly way of distributing postcards such as drop an eco-friendly postcard in the mailbox. The most important thing in distributing eco-friendly postcards is to limit the amount of mailers. This is contrary for your business but sending postcards to a number of people can be annoying. Set a time limit and send postcards to a specific number of people at that time.

To get more responses from your customers, you should announce an event; offer a discount, reply coupon, or sale. This way, you can promote your own business and eco-friendly environmental message as well.


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