Sign of Bad Postcard Templates

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Are you looking for postcard printing templates for your business marketing campaign? Then, you need to be aware the of the bad postcard templates. Even if your aim is just to make cheap and simple postcard printing. Bad templates are always risk to use whether you are trying to print cheapest or expensive postcards. Here, is the list of five sings of bad postcard templates;

 Embedded author logos and watermarks

The first thing, you should know is to check the embedded name of author watermarks and logos. Several free template providers put their own logos and images for marketing purpose. It can ruin your postcard design, so you should be careful about this. You should move on to those templates instead of settling for these market templates.  

Missing printing bleed dimensions

The one more important thing that you need to consider is the missing print bleed dimension. It usually found in color postcard and many designers don’t consider useful those templates that don’t have printing bleed dimension. It is the small extension of design that is reserved for the orienting inconsistencies. Without bleed dimensions, some white and black areas will appear around the edges even though it has colored background. Don’t pick those postcards that are without these dimensions.  

Dimension settings

It is important that postcard templates should have standard dimensions. Standard dimensions mean that the postcard has legal size. The legal size allows to be accepted by most mailing service. Non-standard dimensions are not accepted by all mailing services. That’s why it can make you little worry. Standard dimensions are always save to use and most acceptable.

Guidelines and grids

The proper guidelines and girds are also most important aspect of postcard templates. Find the postcard template for proper grids and guidelines. Without proper grids and guidelines, you may face little difficulty in formatting your postcard design in a correct manner.

Specialized file format

There are some templates that are saved in specialized format. If you have found the template that is hard to open then just leave it because it is not an ideal postcard template format. You can find tons of other templates that can be open easily.

Thus, avoid these kinds of templates. The templates that have these signs are bad kind of templates that can make you difficulty in your future. So, before putting your effort on bad postcard templates you need to remember these sings.


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