Seven Postcard Printing Design Tips For Newbies

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The people who want to obtain postcard design and printing first time, they should get their hands into the basics of postcard marketing before they start their postcard marketing campaign. Here are seven simple tips that newbies should know about, before starting their postcard marketing campaign;

Know the real specific intent

Specify your real intent, before designing your postcard marketing campaign. Determine your goals and objectives. A goal can be – connecting to the people, relationship building, marketing of products and service and to earn some money. Be sure that you have defined your goals for yourself, this way you can tailor the design elements of your postcards.

Know your target readers

 After specifying your goals and objectives of postcard marketing campaign, now you need to know about your readers’ interest. You should try to know about your readers, their needs, and their wants. Whether you want to use postcard marketing for the personal or business postcard, you should give them something what they want. This way, they will get more attract to your postcard and will read it more carefully.

Use of image

The heart of your postcard is the image you use. In printing your postcard, the cover image is the most important thing that you should focus on. That’s why you should use high- resolution image for your postcards. Choose a printing company that has contact with a professional photographer that can take picture directly from camera. Never, use a photo from the internet. This will help you to avoid low resolution images on your postcard.

Full – color printing

Boring black and white postcards are disliked by the targeted audience. To make your reader’s interest in your postcard marketing, you need to produce full color printing postcards. A full color postcard with an attractive image can create real feelings to your postcard.

Printing material

For printing your postcard, you always need to use high quality of material to ensure best output results. A best printing material can be long lasting, impressive and durable. A thicker paper with glossy coatings can help to look expensive and attractive. Tampa printing can help you to get high quality of postcards at reasonable price.

If you have bulk orders, you can get discounts from reputable printing companies. You can find online printing companies as well. You can analyze your postcard printing rates by researching online printing companies’ rates.

Thus, these are some important points that newbies should consider before they invest their money in postcards.


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