What is a Marketing Funnel? And Why Should You Build One?

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A Marketing Funnel is the foundation of your business. It allows you to multiply your income by marketing your products with the same amount of energy and time invested.

Imagine a funnel with the wide end at the top and the narrow end at the bottom. And your goal as an entrepreneur and marketer is to drive as many people through the funnel from one end to the other.

Your funnel structure can vary, but you’ll make the most money, by investing the same amount of energy to drive the traffic, if you have multiple products set up in your funnel.

Here is an example of what a successful marketer’s funnel might look like. It’s very likely you’ve been through one of these or you’ll be through one eventually. (when you go through a funnel next time, go ahead and study it… Don’t fall entirely into the marketing trap… Be conscious that you are being marketed to, admire the process and learn from it, so that you can duplicate it.)

So a marketing funnel might look like this. In fact, let’s imagine for a second that this is your successful marketing funnel.

1) First you offer a free item such as an Ebook, Report, video training series…

2) Once your prospects have exchanged their information (email) i.e. opted in, you can now sell them your low and mid-priced product or service.

3) Moving on, now that they have handed you their credit card and paid for your product, you can continue the what’s called a “1 Click Upsell” process, by offering other products or OTO’s (One Time Offers)… These are called Upsells and Downsells. Usually, the upsells are higher priced than the first product and downsells are offered when the customer declines the Upsells or in addition to their purchase of the Upsells.

If this sounds too complicated for you, don’t get overwhelmed.

Realize that developing a fully expanded funnel takes time, effort, commitment, and willingness to reach higher levels or leadership and income.

(As a side note: That’s the kind of funnel that also attracts great and profitable JV partnerships.)

This is all achievable and can make you a lot of money if you go for it. But making a huge leap sometimes like this could be a tough route for someone who’s just getting started and doesn’t have the experience.

However, a small leap makes a lot more sense and progress could be made much faster. Just like with anything in life. If you’re trying to lose wight by running, you wouldn’t start with 20 miles if you’ve never run 2 miles in your life. You’ll start in steps.

What I teach my students and clients is to begin with their free (for leads generation) and low end products (for monetization) first and go from there. And if you are my client, that’s what I would tell you to do too.

The biggest mistake that I see online marketing entrepreneurs make out there is that they are afraid to jump and join the leaders in this industry by embracing the courage and creating their own assets – their own products. It seems scary, there’s self esteem issues, there’s that limiting belief of “Oh I am not an expert” or “I don’t know enough yet”.

If any of this is going through your mind, just take it out of there and throw it in the garbage. Realize that this is achievable for you too.

In fact, you know that you’ve been wanting to step up for a long time, and now it’s time to step out of that fear and into courage. You too can have your name and face printed on your own product design, you too can share with the world all that knowledge that’s inside of you. And if you feel like there’s nothing you can teach, don’t worry. There’s a way we’ll help you dig it out and make it available for the many who are out there desperately needing your leadership and guidance.

So you might be wondering, where do I begin?

My friend Mark Hoverson is on a mission to change these limiting beliefs in the industry.

I have been making a change on a smaller scale helping my private clients and mastermind partners. However, Mark has partnered with another industry giant Magnetic Sponsoring and together they are making it incredibly affordable and achievable for everyone to be able to gain the knowledge while being taken through the process of creating their products – their own assets.

Mark’s got a whole blueprint that will walk you through the steps and make it easy and effortlessly for you to identify your strengths, current assets like knowledge and investments of time and money so that you know what to package as your first product.

Learn from Mark in his Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint.

I hope this all makes sense to you, and if you truly want to succeed in your business you will drop everything you are doing right now, and focus your energy and time on creating your own first product.



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