Breaking Down The Barriers to Buying Your Product And Service Part II

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The Credibility barrier

Would you like to provide testimonials from people your prospect believes? Do you think you have listed the states and countries in which you do business? Have mentioned which industry you serve? What kind of professionals trusts you? Do you ever share your success story with your customers? How long your company has been in this business? Have you shared the number of product you served? Have you shown a seal of approval? Don’t forget to share favorable reviews.

The immediacy Barrier

You need to expressed the words with graphics to your customers that why it is important to respond now instead later. That’s why make a copy of postcard’s offer that sound urgent. An attractive graphic treatment can make your offer look cool and urgent. Tell your readers what to do next and what you want from them. Don’t forget to tell them that if they respond immediately what benefit they will get from you. Set a time limit and let know your customer about the deadline. If you have set specific number of products then emphasized the limited quantity of your product.

The acceptability Barrier

Make an emotional appeal to your readers. This will bring good response to your product. Make overall product presentation likeable. It is your responsibility to make your postcard idea so powerful that your prospect feels good. This will make your reader more desirable for your offer. Give them logical justification that why they should buy your product.

The accessibility barrier

You need to print your contact information clearly on your postcard. If your toll free number is not easy to read by your customer then it can become a barrier to access your business. That’s why put all your contact information on your postcard such as phone number, E-mail, fax, address, web address and toll free number. Tell your business availability timings such as 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Encourage them that they can contact you in many ways and anytime if they have any question.

Zen Selling Call

Make realize to your customer that it is a solution of your problem approach. If they will feel that your product is a true solution of their problems they will come to you immediately.

Thus, these are the barriers that could become hurdle in your business success and response rate. Focus to remove them and see the results.


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