Understanding The Disadvantages Of Dieting

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Many women and men consider that dieting is their way of life. Just as they get up every day, have a shower, brush their teeth and get ready for work, they follow different diet plans _usually very restrictive _ that promise to help them get rid of unwanted extra kilos only to be successful for a couple of months. Afterwards, they bounce back to their initial weight or, even worse, become even fatter.
Dieting Is Not A Weight Loss Solution
Dieting nay not be that simple and easy for many, and because there are a lot of diet myths that are fake, they fail. When you go on a diet, same thing happens, the diet ends. There will be at some point of your diet plan that you begin to feel bored and tired. Then your weight returns. Your diet plan is a failure. Your weight loss plan is like a roller coaster where there will be ups and downs in your struggle with dieting. It is a cycle where weight loss and weight gain never ends. Diets start and stop at certain point of time, the weight comes and goes. That is why dieting is not a permanent solution for your weight loss plan.
Many have tried dieting and at certain points in their lives they find it hard to keep up. It may be successful for the first 6 months or first year but when our bodies get tired of the same old habit you will notice that there is a slight change or no more change at all. This is a sign that your diet plan is not anymore that effective.
dieting can also affect you psychologically
dieting can also affect you psychologically as it is attempting against your self esteem. Women and men with overweight who suffer from this problem go from being happy and feeling sexy to feeling depressed and ugly in only a couple of months. And these ups and downs in their mood can really affect their self esteem in the long run, exacerbating depression. And all that not to mention that it can encourage women and men to opt for even more drastic diet plans that deprive them of eating enough calories, thus making them prone to suffering from serious eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia nerviosa.
dieting may cause chronic lesions
dieting is really risky. People who suffer from it can really see their lifespan severely shortened lifespan, suffer from diabetes, liver problems, weak bones and loss muscle. It is not strange either to see that yo yo dieters also suffer from high blood pressure and high bad cholesterol levels and other unhealthy lifestyles.


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