Health Tips: Benefits of Exercise

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Everyone knows that regular exercise is beneficial to health and improves a person’s lifestyle. Not only does it helps prevent illness and increases the chance to live longer, but it also improves your mental health and wellbeing.

Staying physically active should be a part of a person’s daily activity regardless of age. Any type of exercise is fine whether it be lifting weights, press ups or even walking. The important fact is that it should be performed as a daily routine. Nowadays, people are lazy as they depend on other technologies and transports to entertain themselves or take them where they desire.

Television, games and computers have become a part of a person’s life. Adults and children think these forms of entertainment are better than physical activity. These technologies have replaced the old age activities including sport, exercise and work. Although they are still continued today, many people now rely on home entertainment as a better lifestyle.

Transport Before Cars Existed

Before the invention of cars, buses and trains, people used to travel to work on horses, walk on foot or cycle. Walking and cycling have their own set of benefits but they are also part of exercise.

Instead of using walking and cycling as a transport, people now rely on their cars, buses and trains. This excuse can be accepted if your job location is far from home. But people still use these transports when their job location is just around the corner. Walking or cycling to your job despite it being a long journey from home is even more beneficial and should be practised.

Health Benefits of Exercise

Lower heart disease and diabetes:

Thousands of patients diagnosed with both heart disease and diabetes die every year in the UK alone. Exercise reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Those who don’t do any exercise at all will have increased the risk of suffering from these conditions. So it makes a big difference if you do a little exercise every day no matter what it is.

Lower high blood pressure:

Exercise can also reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Similar to heart disease and diabetes, high blood pressure is another common condition faced by thousands of patients around the world. High blood pressure can cause strokes and heart attacks. Patients who already suffer high blood pressure can use exercise as a remedy to reduce the condition. If you’re suffering from high blood pressure, you may want to read some more articles about high blood pressure including the ‘complications of high blood pressure‘, ‘best foods to combat high blood pressure‘ and ‘natural ways to lower blood pressure‘.

Lower cholesterol:

Exercise helps regulate cholesterol levels in the body. You should know that an increase in LDL cholesterol leads to a higher increase of heart disease while HDL cholesterol lowers the risk. Studies have shown that exercise such as walking and running helps increase HDL cholesterol levels which means that you can lower the risk of heart disease. To find out about the best foods that lower cholesterol, please check ‘foods that lower cholesterol’.

Lower back pain:

Those people who suffer from lower back pain can be linked to little or no exercise. Many people suffer from lower back pain in their life, but regular exercise helps reduce the suffering. If you’re already suffering from lower back pain, it is advised that you start exercising now to reduce pain. You may want to find out more about lower back pain, if so, please check ‘lower back pain symptoms and treatments’.

Improve memory and mental health:

Studies have shown that regular exercise helps prevent mental illnesses and can be used as a treatment. Other issues like depression, anxiety disorders, panic attacks and stress can also be treated well. With enough exercise in your life, your mood would change for the better and make you feel much happier and would help improve sleep patterns.

Lose weight:

The obvious remedy for exercising is to lose weight. The more vigorously you exercise, the faster you can lose weight. Any type of physical activity helps burn calories. A simple walk or run session could burn over thousands of calories in a few hours! So exercise is an essential activity for people who wish to maintain a balanced weight. For information on losing weight, please check ‘how to lose weight fast’, ‘dangerous effects of being overweight’, ‘health problems caused by obesity’, ‘benefits and problems of fat’, ‘can fasting help lose weight’ and top healthiest snacks for weight loss‘.


It is recommended that you commit 20-30 minutes of exercise a day for at least three times a week. If your too busy for this much commitment, then try doing exercise for at least once a week. Setup a weekly routine for better preparation.

If you have been inactive for quite a while, it isn’t difficult to start over. Why not begin with a slow paced activity to get you going? Starting slow can help your body become more physically fit for longer periods of tiring exercise.

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