5 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Ecommerce Website & 3 Different Kinds of an Ecommerce Cart Solution

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The development of ecommerce has been great in the last few years, and with that, the concepts of Ecommerce carts have started to become really popular with people. Companies too find it increasingly interactive to be able to sell products in a better manner online and make transactions via safe and secure systems to customers all across the globe.

There are mainly three different kinds of ecommerce cart or shopping cart systems:

1.Ordering Systems Solutions – This basically involves the ordering component, which allows the customer to select the products, after which the price on the basis of the quantity, the shipping, packaging charges etc. are all calculated, and a final bill is generated for the customer after debit or credit card verification etc. Sometimes the “Buy” button takes the customer to a different server where there is a secured transaction system, and once that is done, the customer is redirected to the main website.

2.Store Building Solutions – These are more extensive than simple Ordering System Solutions. When there is a very vast range of products that a company wishes to present to its customers, then there is a need for a sophisticated system such as CMS – Content Management System or Catalogue Management System. Here the associated content and the product pages are usually on some kind of standardised templates that allow one to quickly edit the items existent in the carts. Changes can easily be incorporated here, especially in cases of discounts, new product ranges, end-of-line sales etc.

3.Customised Ecommerce Solutions- This has two kinds – Business to Business (B2B), and for retail customers. Retail customers over here get the privilege to look at old orders, order history, transaction history and all other related things without of course the ability to alter any of that. However, in B2B, it is more like a one company placing a bulk order from another where there is scope for negotiations and more customised options.

4- Depending on what kind of company it is and the kind of products it sells, each company develops a unique kind of ecommerce cart for itself on its website.

  5- Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Ecommerce Website

As you may have gathered by now, the most important thing to do after procuring an ecommerce solution is to drive customers to it. Some marketing methods are expensive; others less so. Some other even free, such as social media networking. Does this sound complicated? Well, here’s news: it isn’t. We’ve put together five easy steps for you to follow.

•Build A Community

There’s only so much product-pushing that you can do on people without annoying them. You may end up with some sales, but you will also end up irritating so many people, it will ultimately result in a loss of customers. A simple solution is to build a community of customers. Connect with them and explain to them what your company is all about. Remember though, that you have to maintain a balance between being too pushy and wasting opportunity. Do it just right and traffic to your website, and ultimately your sales, will skyrocket!

•Location! Location! Location!

As in real estate, “location” also matters while marketing ecommerce solutions. Different products and services cater to different demographics. Not every social media networks, therefore, will be ideal for marketing your website. Do some research. Know who your customers are, and find out where they socialise online. Channelise your marketing there, and watch your sales grow exponentially!

•Make Yourself Stand Out From The Pack

One way to do that would be do offer exclusive offers and deals to potential customers; and what better place to do this than a social media network! Not only do people like winning prizes, such promotions will also make them come back again to check what’s new.

•Know Thy Products; Offer Bundle Deals

People love to save money, and they love sellers who help them do that. Offer bundle deals, especially on products which may need a nudge in the right direction, sales-wise. You could also use this for new products. Who wouldn’t want to try out something new if it sounds exciting; and what better way to get customers’ attention than to offer something like a buy-one-get-one-free deal! Be creative!

•Reward For Free Marketing

Customers who do some free marketing for you definitely deserve something extra. Make people tell their friends and family about your ecommerce solution – offer prizes for word-of-mouth marketing! Be imaginative! The possibilities can be endless and so can your profits!


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