Marriage Help – Is it Crossing The Line to Recommend Couples Counselling to a Family Member?

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Do you have a family member struggling in their marriage and want to help? It’s only natural to want to support a loved one to get the help their family needs. The question then remains, should I recommend couples counselling, couples therapy, or some other form of marriage help in Toronto to my family member?

Why wouldn’t you? Maybe you’re concerned that they’ll tell you to mind your own business. Or, maybe you’d just rather not get involved. Doing nothing leaves a lot to chance. You may not want to remain a bystander.

The divorce process can have serious negative effects. Children in separated families face a higher risk of emotional distress and physical harm than other children. They’re also more likely to lack motivation at school and in the community, abuse alcohol and drugs, withdraw socially, and struggle in their intimate relationships.

In the face of these facts, struggling couples need your support. According to studies, only about one in four divorcing couples report seeking professional help of any kind to improve their relationship, whether that be couples counselling, couples therapy, or some other form of marriage help. Those who do seek counselling wait an average of six years before getting marriage help – well after serious problems have already developed. Furthermore, almost 50% of couples in therapy end up divorced.

The result of all this is that approximately 38% of first marriages in Canada end in divorce, and the rate is 50% higher for divorces of second and third marriages. These statistics show that legal separation and recoupling is not a reliable way to deal with marriage problems.

People searching for “divorce lawyers Toronto” to put an end to their marriage may benefit from being informed of the other types of resources available before they access lawyers. Searching for “divorce lawyers Toronto” is unlikely to lead anyone to the marriage help they’re looking for. Remember that divorce lawyers Toronto usually intervene at the end of marriages, not to repair them.

Clearly, the current approach to couples counselling and couples therapy is not the answer. The results speak for themselves. It’s time for a radically different approach to marriage help.

There are new, exciting options for people searching for marriage help in Toronto. Take a stand for the people you love, and help them get the guidance they need.


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