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Now that the decision has been made that I intend to become an article writer it is only right that I relay my reasons and hope in return someone will benefit from what I have said. When you think of the millions of websites that are being created each day and the number of articles that are always required it makes sense that the obvious choice has to be to a writer. Since having a passion to collaborate with people the natural order would be to obtain opportunities each day, week, month or year an endless road to a self rewarding reputable way of earning a living comes closer. At the moment options are all I have from this one dimension of writing but there are other possibilities that can evolve from internet marketing that is just as valuable as writing for a publishing company. I believe writing brings alternatives for various needs, demands and requirements and has a writer the only thing to be concerned about is the value of content. People ask only to be informed, entertained and take a journey away from what that are accustom too. The art of communication is the only formula required for writing. A structural pronunciation of the language can best be determined with having the persistence to get an article out there each day. There will of course be moments of rejection, writers block from psychological self criticism but this is nothing more than experience needed in order to endure self preservation. The climb will of course be arduous therefore the simplest route will have to be taken with an understanding that no mountain is too high to discover once there is motivation, dedication and determination. The reward out manoeuvres the strain and stresses because once the mind recognises how to be constructive and imaginative people will come to understand and appreciate the words off the page then they will want to engage more frequently with the writer. From every word, sentence and paragraph written brings another step closer to the audience waiting to read something different in substance, style and grammar. Let the work not be judged by the colour of my skin, education, religion, gender or even age but by the characteristics of its formation for creativity, originality and spirit. I mean not to make things complicated but genuine, not to be negative but inspirational, not to be repetitive but informative, not to be confrontational but compassionate and not to be deceitful but sincere. Here you have nothing more than a passionate individual who is striving to make his life more worthy to you as well as himself and with time and your support together you will know the outcome of this journey because we both know that without exploring you can never discover. Dwell, Dwarf, Dwindle are three words in the dictionary that begin with DW and have meaning, if you can return with a fourth then I will know I have not done my home work.


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