Postcard Marketing Is The Low Cost Visibility

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Postcard marketing comes in variety of sizes and colors. The size and choice of colors also depend on the marketer’s choice. Many people choose black and simple postcards. However, now you can consider postcard marketing in variety of attractive colors, degrees, graphics and sizes. Postcards are low in cost and different newsletter. Many companies are considering it effective means of communication at very low cost.

If you want to be visible in your target audience in short cash, you should use postcards for your business. It’s a perfect postcard marketing campaign and very affordable.

Postcard can be designed by you or hire a designer. Tampa printing prints cards on # 67 card stock. These are the rules and regulations that are set by the USPS requirement.  Two or four cards can fit on an 8 ½ x 11 sheet. Use paper cutter for this purpose. Postage for each postcard is just $.23 a card

Here, are some ways to use postcards:


Those who are asking for the referrals, send them postcards on a regular basis.

Announcement Events

Send postcards to your target audience about your events such as seminars, open houses, classes and sales etc.


Send series of postcards to your prospect t make them soften before you phone them.

Build website traffic

Postcards can increase your website traffic and make significant additions in your website traffic.

Newsletter subscriber list

Postcard mail marketing can publicize your business to a number of new target audiences.

Make an Offer

Offer something special discount. Through postcards you can offer special discounts to your target audience.

Say thanks

You should use postcards to say thank you for your customer’s business.

To get best results for your business postcard marketing campaign, you need to get good marketing mailing list. You need to make sure that you are sending your postcards to the right people. You will definitely get best response if you will offer something valuable to your target audience.

Last but not least, you should repeat your process again and again. After getting the response rate, you should not be discouraged or surprised. Give a consistent look of your business, brand, and message to your target audience and over the time your message would sink in. Usually people get response rate of 1-3% on average but you can generate more sales from this response rate.


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