Track Your Postcard Marketing Results

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Postcard marketing is the best way to boost your business in just few days because it is easy to create and send to uncountable people. Many business owners spend their lots of time in creating, testing, managing and organizing their postcards. They add catchy and bold headline, images and informative message to make attractive postcards. You create a best mailing list for your target audience. But, still you don’t know whether your postcard marketing campaign is going into a right direct or not.

For this particular marketing campaign, you defined number of goals of your postcard marketing. You may have a goal to increase your number of website traffic. You offered discount to your target audience with postcard marketing for a specific time period. But, do you think you can judge, that the coming traffic to your website is because of postcard marketing campaign or these are normal traffic?

Here are the solutions,

  • You can advertise a special URL to your direct mail marketing campaign.

  • You can add coupon code to your postcards. When your customers will add this code to your website for discount, you can judge the difference of traffic.

  • You can provide a different phone number to on your postcard to know how many calls are recieved from your direct mail marketing campagin. Advice your customer service team to carefull track those record in different database.

  • Stagger the mailing of your postcard is also an effective of measuring diract marketing campagin.  You can send postcards specifc number of postcard each week and measure the results.

These are the best way to track your results of your direct marketing campaign. Tracking the postcard marketing campaign result is very essential. Postcard marketing is one of the effective marketing components, you can know about its effectiveness by measuring its results. This way, you can learn more about your target audience – what they wants and what they doesn’t.

Whether you select the method of coupon code, special web address, and phone number to your postcard marketing campaign, it is very important to get valuable information and track it. Database makes it easy to keep record updated. This tracked record enables you to know more about your customers. This record will also help you in your future direct mail marketing planning. It will also improve your future postcards. For cheap and bulk orders of postcards, Tampa printing is best to choose.


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