Seven Techniques to Boost Direct Marketing Response

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Here, are the techniques that can boost your direct marketing response rate;

Yes or No Offer

In postcard marketing you can use different options to involve your customer in your marketing process. You can use “yes or no” option on your postcard to know about your customer’s opinion. It is also recommended to use check boxes, tokens, reply cards etc. this is a great way to draw your customer’s attention. It even adds urgency and increase the involvement of your customer in your direct mail marketing campaign.

Credit card payment

Several businesses allow its customers to order with credit cards but if you repeat this option it will usually outpull a cash only option. Those who are uncomfortable with credit cards allow them to make payment with checks or money order. If you don’t want to express by words in direct mail marketing, you can use icons or graphics of payment methods. It will add little credibility to your business.

Time Limit

An immediate response requires time limit and deadlines. You will definitely get more response in urgency. You may get lots of orders in your routine but by doing this; you will get those orders quickly. A deadline fights inertia and forces your readers to make decision quickly. That’s why you should set a specific time limit.

Free Gift

 This is one of the best discounts offer. It can provide added benefit of maintaining the value of your product. You should give something free to your customers. This can be a sample of your product.


For this strategy, you should think hard before committing to a sweepstakes strategy.

Envelope Package

Envelope package can be used as a follow up. For the starting of your direct marketing campaign, you should use postcard marketing. Envelope package send when your customer inquiries for your products and services.


It is easier to use to use than a coupon. You need to pull it out and mail it to get more responses. A coupon needs to be cut down before customers used it. A bind-in-card is more expensive than coupons but easier to handle. Test it now, because it could double your response rate. This technique is proven winner of direct marketing.

These are some simple techniques to follow that can increase your business response rate quickly. You can print your postcards at very low cost from printing Tampa. 


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