Direct Marketing Testing Mistakes

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Here, you will find few common testing mistakes of direct marketing campaign.

Testing randomly or running sloppy tests

Testing needs discipline that’s why you should do testing continually and carefully. If you don’t have patience and skills for an ongoing tests, analysis, number crunching then it is better to hire someone for this purpose.

Tests are error-free

 It is your responsibility to continually seek mistakes in entry level. If your test comes good – don’t think it is perfect. Consider the whole process thoroughly and track down the errors. Here, are few questions that you should continually ask yourself;

  • Are the addresses good?

  • Do you think address and bar code are correct?

  • Do the phone operators logging each and every response?   

  • Do you think e-mails are dumped as spam?

  • Is there something that is going wrong?

Drawing the wrong conclusions

Some people look the test and make the judgment that they are perfect. Often self mailers don’t work and on the basis of self mailers people draws wrong conclusion such as Christmas is not good time for promotions. However, this is not true in real. This is just the result of poor patience and poorly designed results.

Making decisions based on insignificant results

The test should be statistically valid. This will work when you try to reach enough to your audience and make sure you have sampled accurately. Testing is expensive but you cannot cut corners. Check what response rate you have got after this testing.

Overlooking important results

You have got the information after your testing, now you have to analyze your numbers and draw conclusion based on these numbers. Do more than jus t listing results. Determine what is behind the results. Are these results are seasonal or trendy? Compare your results with industry averages.

Refusing to repeat tests to confirm results

Don’t confirm result on your first test. It is better to repeat your tests. If your direct marketing campaign is successful, you will definitely get similar results. If results are changed, measure the dramatic change in good or bad sense.

Failing to keep a running record of conclusions

You need to continually improve your results after tests. The information you get after each test, organize it in a good way for your future efforts and guidelines.

Thus, these are some common mistakes that every business owner does. Next time, you should keep them in mind and avoid to repeat again in your direct marketing campaign.  


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