5 Easy Ways to Pump up Your Offer Power

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Direct mail marketing response has three essential elements:

  • Making an offer

  • Providing enough information

  • Offering easy means of response

The last two elements are easy to carry but the first element needs improvement. Many marketers fail to make an attracting offer for their direct marketing campaign. So, it is important to look at the offer first rather than other direct mail marketing elements. Here, are some tips to improve your marketing campaign to translate response in higher rates.

Sell your offer

In direct marketing, you need to sell your offer instead of products. So, be clear and direct. You need to feature your offer. Make your offer like a shining star. You should build your whole promotion around your offer. Make the bold headline of your offer. After you finished your work, send sample of your offer to few objective people outside your office. This way, you can analyze whether you need to improve your offer or not. If they understand your offer within few seconds, then congrats you have done. In the

Irresistible offer

People accept a fair offer, when they feel that they are paying exactly what your products and services worth. A fair offer doesn’t mean a motivation offer. An unfair option means unfair business. So, make your offer real and fair.

Key elements

You need to add all key elements in your offer such as

Thing of offer

Optional features

  • Size, odd size

  • Colors

  • Personalization




  • Buy back

  • Money back

  • Refund unused portion of product

Price presentation


  • Installments

  • Delayed billing

  • Credit cards

Time or quality limit

  • Respond before specific date

  • Number of pieces available

  • Reply within limited days

Shipping, handling

  • Included?

  • Extra?

Future obligations

  • No obligations?

  • Buy 2 more within 2 months

Something “Free”

The most powerful thing in the concept of direct marketing is that to offer something free to your target audience. You can even offer free trial subscriptions such as;

  • Free gift

  • Free books

  • Free guides and booklets

  • Free information

  • Free samples

  • Free guides to use your product

  • Free estimates

Appealing price offer

You can make price breaks in your offer; it can make your price offer more attractive. If you want to emphasize lower price you can eliminate the use of zeros such as $8, and if you want to show the value of premium you can add zeros to it $8.00.

Use time limit

Indecision and inertia are your enemies. So, you need to create urgency for a quick decision to buy your products and services. Psychology analysis shows that faster you can get people to make decision, the more likely they will be in your favor.


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