Breaking Down The Barriers to Buying Your Product And Service Part I

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If you have a good product in hand with the right price, good creative solid offer and you tried your best marketing list. But still failed to get your desired result what you expect. You may wonder that you are doing right things but why they are going wrong?

There are many barriers that can play role as hurdle in buying your product such as intellectual, physical, emotional and financial that could stand between your business and your prospect.

Your goal should be reached to your customers in any way. Ask yourself how to promote your product and remove every barrier that stops your sale. Here, are few tips to find the barriers and remove it;

Identify the barrier

You can identify what your prospect can think. Read your postcard message. Do you think the postcard information is catchy enough to attract your target audience? Do you think it is clearly targeted to your prospect only? Do you think your message can attract the attention of right kind of person? Is it enough informative? Do you consider it as an interesting message? Do you thinks a person like you, would love to buy your products and services?

The clarity barrier

You should focus on your postcard offer and think is the offer absolutely clear? Do the postcards have all details written clearly? Do you think it is easy to understand at reader’s glance? Do you think it is straightforward, simple and to the point? Did you have mention the reply form?

The product identity barrier

Do you think your product has unique selling identity? Does your product relay on a big idea? Can you prove superiority of your product? Do you think you have turned all features into meaningful benefits to your prospect? Do you think your prospect can explain your product’s features and benefits in 10 seconds?

The Involvement Barrier

Could your prospect consider simple choices to make? Would you like to involve your prospect in quiz and checklist? Have you capitalized the prospect’s inborn sense of play with stickers, tokens, coupons or other devices? Have you offered something valuable to your prospects? Do you think involvement of prospect can generate better results and understanding?

These are some common barriers that one should consider before creating direct marketing campaign. The marketers who failed to deliver successful marketing campaign can consider these barriers and they should work on it.


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