8 Common Direct Marketing Questions Answered Part I

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Many marketers and business owners have different questions in their mind about direct marketing. Below, I have listed few common questions with best answers.

What is the secret to be successful in direct marketing?

There is no secret behind direct marketing. It is just tricky marketing strategy that demands dozens of things to perform before it turns your business into success. Start your direct marketing campaign with a good product. With the marketing of a good product, things make easier. Good advertising kill bad products and good products can hard to kill by bad advertising.

What are the basic of direct marketing?

The method of selling products and services is the most key concept in direct marketing. Don’t put your products on retail shelves; wait for the real buyers of the products. Cut the middleman and sell directly to your customers.

  • To get more response from your direct marketing campaign, you need to remember following things in mind;

  • An offer

  • Enough information

  • Easy means to respond an offer

These things are very important and you can consider why some marketers fail to create effective ads. The marketers who fail to create an effective marketing campaign forget one or more of above mention requirements.

Why some experts recommend using typewriter style writing in marketing message?

Consider the example of doctor, when you want to become a doctor you need to wear a smock because it is an icon of doctor. Similar to this, if you want to look your message personal, you need to type face in a typewriter. The type is an icon that coveys the idea of “letter”. So, in the direct mail marketing typewriter face is important. For the business consumers and business letters, typewriter face consider as an old fashioned face. You can use any other face of writing for the business letter such as Times new roman etc.

I would like to try a magalog but the price I estimated is quite high. Is the price justified?

The price is justified after getting profitable end results. Practically, end results are mixed. Some clients get high returns and some gets lower compare to each other. The people, who get high returns, consider direct marketing as an affordable and best strategy. Manalog is good technique for those whose marketing products mesh well with books, magazines and newsletters as a reader oriented format. However, before you try this strategy you need to see if the format can work for your business. Otherwise, you can get into a trouble.


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