How to Increase Your Response Rate

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To increase your response rate, first you need to identify the characteristics of your customers. It is better to generate a list of question to ask your valuable customers.

You can create a list of questions like;

What is your age?

What is your household income?

Do you have an ownership of home?

What is your family status?

What are your spending habits?

Once you get the answers, you need to combine their answers to learn about their demographic factors.

The Payoff

Suppose, if you could make call to all your target consumers and ask each of them about their demographics then you will find that the majority of lead response you received would be the people with similar demographics to your best customers. They will surely answer you positively.

So, I hope you have got the point. By creating direct mailing list that consists of similar characteristic of your best customers you can get better response. This way, you can increase the direct marketing response rate quickly. You may not consider as a big deal but believe me it can make huge difference.

What is the Cheapest List?

High target direct mail list can help you find the extra leads that say “Yes” to your offer. You can get 50% extra leads. You can even;

  • Generate an additional 100 leads

  • Cost per lead can decrease

  • Marketing cost per sale can reduce

So, it is very essential to focus on your direct mail list. You also need to list the cost despite the rate of response you get. Focus on your best customer characteristics and find the prospects that have similar characteristics to your best customers. You can do this by profiling your existing customer characteristics. You must create an ideal client model from your database. Present your offer to those people who have similar characteristics to your best clients.  

Thus, finding a right customer can cost you little bit more but it can boost your business in real sense. Direct mail marketing is very simple yet logical game. Once you understand its rules and secrets you will surely get what you want.

Follow above mention steps and get desired response rate. Direct mail marketing is the most desirable marketing strategy but many marketers even don’t know much about it. They tried this strategy with wrong rules and as a result they fail. So, it is recommended to consult a reliable company before taking step toward this strategy.


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