Buy Your Significant Other a Tea Kettle

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I’m from the South and grew up on sweet tea. Now, to some that might not be such a big deal, but to us Southerners it is huge. Our Mama’s taught us starting at an early age the appropriate amount of loose tea leaves to water, set on the stove and heated, then mixed with enough sugar to send you into diabetic shock. If you didn’t learn anything else in the kitchen, this was and remains one of the secrets of a good Southern woman. It doesn’t matter if she can cook a darn, if that tea is sweet and cold.

You might be wondering what this has to do with buying your significant other a tea kettle. Well, I’m going to explain that one. You see over the years, loose tea has changed over to tea bags and the pot of boiling water has changed over to either a tea kettle or using the coffee maker to heat the water. What you need to know is what the person you are buying for desires most: the quaint hiss or whistle of a tea kettle or the quick efficiency of electronically boiled water. This will get the ball rolling in your search for a tea kettle.

Now, it’s like I said, in the South we like our tea sweet and cold, but my grammie had a special blend and in the afternoons when she’d come home from the hospital where she was a nursing assistant (you just know that had to be rough back in those days) she’d set some water on the stove in her old copper pot, pinch out a little mixture and put it in this tiny tea ball contraption.

I have to tell you, the first time I saw her do this I was just amazed. She set that ball down in there and out came this brownish coloring after she poured hot water over it and the aroma was just heavenly. Like I said she just used her old copper kettle but today we can get just about any kind of kettle we want.

My two favorite cooking show hostess’ have their own kettles:

Rachael Ray has a colorful tech looking design that comes in just about any color you could want to go with your decor or your mood. This one is a whistler. I’m not much for the whistle but it does come in handy so you don’t boil the pot dry. It is made of porcelain and has a stainless steel lid.

Paula Deen also carries a line of tea kettles. She has a standard version whistler and then this one here in the ad. It is stainless steel constructed, but looks like old fashioned enamel ware like you might of seen your grammie use. No fancy whistle here, just fill and heat. I’m a wee bit partial to this one because it brings back such fond memories.

You can also go high tech in a hurry with tea kettles. One of the best on the market is the Krups Electronic Kettle. It has a window so you can see what the water level is and a built in filter to help the water taste spring fresh.

I know that is just three that are on the market. It’s my top three actually and any more than that I would just have you plain confused. However, if you care to read on, I’m going to show you how to enhance your tea kettle gift.

Additional tea kettle gift ideas!

I know getting all excited about a tea kettle might not make for that splendid of a gift, but if you pair it with some essential items. It is sure to please your honey.

One of the first things I got myself was a tea ball. What the heck is a tea ball you might ask? Well, you remember I mentioned this contraption my grammie was using to put her tea in, yep that is a tea ball. They come in a bunch of different designs and can cost anywhere from a buck on up in the several bucks market. I like the one that looks like a little mesh strainer. It’s just easier for me to measure out my loose tea.

Once you have added this to your gift, check out the tea’s you can get. You can get tea’s in so many different flavors and purposes you might just want to go with an already put together assortment. I recommend a good peppermint tea. It is soothing and has properties to help calm an upset stomach.The type of tea flavor really is a personal choice here but if you know your other half well, then you also might know they are having trouble sleeping. A relaxing tea designed specifically with a mixture of herbs for this purpose will let them know just how much thought you put into your gift.

Tea can come in many forms from loose leaves, to herbals, tea bags, and in decorative tins. Their are gift sets you can buy as well. These might be little china tea pots with matching cups to tea and cookies that blend well together.

Whatever you choose to do, keep the person you are buying for in mind. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness for years to come as they repeatedly use their new tea kettle and teas.



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