Paprika With Rice in The Oven

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Paprika with rice in the oven is a delicious dish that is for 10 portions.Not only the vegetarians wil enjoy the dish but also other people,too.

Ingredients:1 kg paprika in three different colors(green,red and yellow)

300 gr onion (or 1 bunch green onion)

200 gr oil (or olive oil which is better)

350 gr mushrooms ( not from a can)

1 kg  rice

2 carrots

5 eggs

100 gr cheese

200 ml cream for cooking


First of all you have to boil the rice to be ready for the next steps.While the rice is cooking you have to wash the carrots,grate them and 10 minutes after you have put the rice for cooking,place the carrots into the same saucepan where the rice is.Continue cooking until ready. Now it is time to prepare the other ingredients.Peel and wash the onion and cut it into slicesThen fry the onion pieces into 100 gr oil or olive oil.You have to do this for about 10 minutes not more.After that add the mushrooms that are washed and cut into pieces. Continue frying this mixture for about 10 minutes.The mixture rice-carrots should be ready and you have to add the mushrooms and the onion to it.Wash and cut the paprika into stripes. Fry them for 10 minutes.The next thing you have to do is to beat the eggs with the cream and the grated cheese. So,all your ingredients are ready and you should take a baking pan. Place the rice mixture then the paprika.After that pour the eggs mixture, then you have to repaet the same with the rest of the ingredients. Your dish is ready to be baked. The time for baking it is 15 or 20 minutes. If you are not vegetarian you can add some other products when you serve the dish. For example,you can serve the dish with meat that should be baked or better boiled. You can also fry or boil somefrakfurters and add them to the dish. Use the green salad for decoration or slices of tomatoes. You can also bake some pieces of bread and serve with them. You can even fry some slices of bread with eggs and serve the dish with them.Enjoy the dish with white wine!


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