Every Door Direct Mail From The Usps – More Affordable Access Than Other Forms of Marketing

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This article will explain different kinds of marketing strategies. Whatever marketing strategy you choose, you just need to be sure you are well planned and confident on your efforts. It will give you more creative process, mailing, production and realistic timeframe.

Direct Mail:

With direct mailing postcards you are able to send your high quality of information and advertisement to your target market. It will help you cut down cost per lead. Be sure, you have qualified mailing list before you send out the postcards to your target consumers.

With printed postcards, your readers hold your information in their hands and read it. This way, there is much possibility that they will keep your marketing piece, in case if they are not ready to call it right away.

  • Direct mailinghelps to bring in new customers
  • They can help you boost your brand recognition among your target consumers

  • Direct mailingcan help you send special promotions or sales

 With postcard marketing, you can track your results through your website traffic and sales lead. It can take approximately one month to launch this marketing campaign with effective planning

Radio: The biggest advantage attached with this marketing is that it is affordable even small business can enjoy it benefits. It is also one of the most effective and cheap way of marketing. The only down side of this marketing is that it is difficult track results with this type of marketing.


Research has shown that over 90% of consumers visit your website before calling or visiting you. You can catch your target consumer’s attention with your website. It is an effective way of lead generation.

Main benefits include:

  • An Instant means of capturing contact information

  • It can generate larger leads

  • Through website you can display your products, services, company info and your promotions.

  • You edit and make changes quickly according to your needs

 Despite these benefits, the fact remain the same, you need to first use postcard marketing to send your website information to your target consumers.

Email Marketing:

You can use Email marketing as a follow up direct marketing tool that can help you generate more leads. It is an affordable way of marketing. Because only the use of Email marketing will not give you desired results.

  • Close more target consumers

  • Increase the interest in products to re-orders

  • You can send last-minute exceptional promotions

Social Media:

Through social media marketing you can increase your consumers and you can build your business in a right way.

  • You can keep inform your clients

  • You can build business relationships

  • It can drive more website traffic

  • You can get instant feedbacks and comments

  • It can increase the Google ranking of your website

It is very effective strategy but you cannot depend on this marketing strategy on the whole.


Most effective plus expensive tool of marketing, small businesses cannot afford this marketing tool.

  • It can increase awareness of your brand and product

  • You can reach your maximum target audience

Thus, these are the simple and effective marketing strategies. As you can see more affordable and most desirable marketing strategy is the direct mailing through postcard. Any kind of business can afford this strategy. But the choice is always yours!


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