Homemade Puree From Chicken Giblets

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Homemade puree from chicken giblets

                  The time for preparation is about 25-30 minutes.The time for cooling the homemade puree is 30 minutes.The recipe serves 4. It depends on the loaves of bread which should be prepared as boats and the puree will be placed onto them. If the loaves of bread are small the recipe could serve more people. The instruction here are for middle sized loaves of bread.


1 kg chicken giblets

5 yolks from the eggs

¼ onion ( or 1 green onion)

4 cloves of garlic

1 table spoon tomato sauce

1 table spoon mayonnaize

1 table spoon soya sauce (if you like it)

100 gr butter

1 table spoon oil ( or olive oil which is better)

Lettuce or other green leaves,carrot and parsley for decoration

4 middle sized loaves of bread

Salt and pepper to taste

Black pepper powder to taste (only if you like it)

Method of preparation:

The first thing you have to do is to prepare your ingredients.For example, you have to wash the giblets very well before placing them into the sauce pan.You also have to wash the onion and the garlic before chopping them finely.Another thing you have to do is to boil the eggs because you need to take only the yolks from them.When you are ready with the ingredients you can follow the instructions for cooking:

Step 1 Place the chopped onion and garlic into a sauce pan full with oil and 50 gr butter. After 3  minutes place the chicken giblets into the pan. After 5 minutes add the tomato and the soya sauce and continue cooking.If it is necessary add some water. After 15 minutes you can salt to taste and sprinkle some black pepepr powder if you like it.

Step 2 Smash the giblets by adding the rest of the butter.

Step 3 Smash the yolks of the eggs too and add them to the mixture of giblets. Stir well and add the mayonnaize.

Step 4 Prepare your loaves of bread. Cut them and prepare your boats. If you want you can toast the bread.

Step 5 Place the puree onto the boats.

Step 6 Decorate these delicious boats with leaves from green salad or lettuce,sprinkle some parsley and grate the carrot.

Enjoy the food with beer or red wine!


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