Stop Talking About Casey Anthony..

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I was watching a vlog by Drinking With Bob, and he thinks that we should move on from the Casey Anthony story. I actually agree with Bob and I think that he has some great points. I even jumped in on the Casey Anthony bandwagon, and made a little bit of dough in the process. At the same time though I don’t think the mainstream media is going to stop talking about Casey Anthony because the country cannot get enough of it. Every time that woman moves, sneezes, or coughs someone will be right there with a story to sell, and if the past week has been any indication people will continue to lap it up.

It is time to move on from Casey Anthony though. She was found innocent, the State did not have enough evidence to convict her and there was reasonable doubt. So what else can be said about her? People say they are going to boycott the media, but I seriously doubt that is going to happen. If a few hundred people do not buy her book or watch her interviews that will not put a dent into her pay day. Individuals are going to have to make a scene and actually go out in front of the studio and boycott her the old fashioned way, by embarrassing her and giving the media something else to talk about. That is how you get the job done. Nobody cares about an imaginary pledge to shut down Casey Anthony because that carries about as much weight as a virginity pledge; no one can tell if it is effective until you reap the consequences of the decisions not to abide by that pledge. Also, few even knew that you ever took the pledge.

So get Casey Anthony’s name out of your mouth. Stop giving her negative attention, as she is the Rebecca Black of the judicial system. Then move on with your life as though it never happened. That may be hard for a lot of people to do, then again, it may be the only way that our voice can truly be heard …


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