Find Out How a Custom Facebook Design is Possible!

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This may come as a surprise to a lot of people but it is possible to customise your Facebook tab design! At first it was very limited but it kept improving as time went on. Although there are limits on the width of the page everything else is just like a website. The method I am talking about is essentially a website on your Facebook fan page. This is done using something called iFrames.

What are iFrames?

An iFrame is something used in web development. It has several uses but for the sake of this article I will tell you what it can do for your Facebook. Let’s say you want a custom design with your own text and photos on your Facebook page, well now you can. What an iFrame allows you to do is place content on your Facebook Profile Design from another website. For instance I could store the single page file on a web host and then create a customised Facebook page and simply insert the iFrames code and it would then make it look like it’s actually a part of the Facebook page. To someone viewing the page they won’t know how this is done but to programmers it’s obvious.

Facebook + iFrames = Custom Facebook Design!

Due to iFrames being stored on another host it is possible to included styles, photos, videos. You can even use scripts and flash! Basically anything you see on a normal website can now be applied to your custom Facebook page! The only restraint is the width of the custom area Facebook provides. You can usually get around 500 pixels of width, this will give some good padding and keep things looking nice and neat however I like to try and keep the actual text around 450 pixels wide as it just feels nicer.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and hope ti has helped you. If you need to find out more please give me a message or check my profile for my website link. You can also contact me via myspace, facebook or any social networking website you may find me on.


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