Mangoes For Health

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The mango is the most commonly eaten and popular fresh fruit. The fruit flesh of a ripe mango is very sweet, with a unique taste. Mango leaves occupy a prime position in Hindu tradition. On festival occasions it is used to decorate the entrance of the house. Although it is believed that mangoes originated in southeast Asia however, it is cultivated in mostly all the tropical regions.

The mango is an excellent nutritional source, containing many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Magneferin and lactase in mangoes aid in digestion and intestinal health. Mangoes are rich in vitamin A and have good amounts of vitamins B and C as well as Potassium, Calcium and Iron. Mangoes are high in water content. Mangoes also supply ample potassium, making them ideal for hypertensive patients or anyone looking to replenish energy after physical activity. Mangoes are a rich source of fibre and prevents colon cancer. The high iron content in mangoes aid in treatment of anaemia and are beneficial to women during pregnancy. People who suffer from muscle cramps, stress, and heart problems can benefit from the high potassium and magnesium content. Mangoes are said to be good for the skin too. Ripe mangoes are rich in Beta-carotene which helps prevent heart diseases. Raw mangoes are rich in ‘Vitamin C’. Mangoes also aid in maintaining low cholesterol levels.

Mangoes can be eaten both raw and ripe. Mangoes in pickled form are most popular. There are many varieties of mangoes and ‘Alphonso’ is said to be topping the list. It is cultivated in ‘Ratnagiri’ in India and is exported world wide. Mangoes are generally plucked when raw and are stored in cool dry places to ripen. Once ripe they impart a sweet fragrance the fruit changes to a bright yellowish-orange colour. Sweetened and dehydrated mango pulp is a available in the market and makes a good dessert. There are many thirst quenchers like juices and milk shakes that are prepared from mangoes. Mango jams are also very delicious to eat. Mango juice and shake is very yummy and tasty. Tota mangoes is said to be for eat.

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