Watch Star Trek Episodes This is Famous Controversies

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Star Trek is one of a number of popular adventures, which has fascinated fans since his debut. Star Trek also offers you motivated entertainment, spectators, by what they see more sections of Star-a. In addition, recognized for its unique action, adventure and science fiction. Each program has its moments and celebrates controversy. Star Trek was one of them

Some of the most famous controversies are episodes of a series called â € ˜ Rejoined section “. He was also notorious for ignoring obvious references to Star Trek homosexuality, and in this episode, Jadzia Dax, Lenara Kahn was a homosexual Kiss to share. The Kiss was shown in several countries, but one of the networks that are popular in South America changing scene. In the light of this, they complained the fans then airing of the episode. If you are covering the same topic, since Star Trek online, watch and enjoy.

A more controversial episode of the series is tones “were grey, sample database art of Star Trek”. Section with Ricky, who save him from his bad memories was comatose and the only way. Paramount suggested that section in a series of clips from other episodes had a large budget. The creator must make the section in the form of a clip. In addition, the Commission considers that part of the rather poor. For more information about the result and then know watched episodes of Star Trek.

Terrible and frightening episode of the series was “Conspiracy”, where the parasites infect the intended Federation. The controversy begins in one scene in particular in the fight between Picard and Riker to Remmick, who has become infected by the employee as Starfleet. All who are looking for Star Trek online has seen this episode. The site of the battle was so fierce that the BBC decided to change it. The Canadian sci-fi results again in the section with a warning.

In addition, was one of the worst episodes of the series and the first episode of season 3, Brian Spock controversy? The section is Spock, which does not exist, the brain and the crew must be to the brain. Nimoy said also felt bad during the episode and would like to not have the same feeling. Many people keep watching episodes of Star Trek episodes in question.

It was also “the city on the side of forever”, one of the best events of Star Trek history. The episode is based on travel time. The main reason was, however, a misunderstanding between the producer and scriptwriter of the series. Writer Harlan Ellison was angry with the changes of Gene Roddenberry and by D.C. Fontana. There was a cold war between the two years. You can easily view online Star Trek in a subscription Web site.


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