The Easy Way of Ethernet Cable Wiring.

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Since its invention, it has passed through different evolutions to be what is to day. The reason for its different modifications is to enhance its capacity while at the same time reducing its cost. Nowadays there a card which has been designated specially to be used with the Ethernet so that there will be no need to use other cards for different networks
The Ethernet can be found in two different forms the solid one and the braided one. The braided ones work in the different applications but mostly with patch applications, they are mostly used for desktops. They are widely used than the solid one because they are more flexible, and they are not complicated in their use, but the problem is that they are short and can not be used for a large coverage. The solid ones are normally used in fixed and longer structures.
It is hard to know which one of the two types in their packages, so you have first to peal the packages to make sure that you are really buying what you need. While fixing the wire, one has to take into account different colors of the inside wires because they are the one which dictates how to fix them to the sockets. One also should take care not to untwist the wire because the twists are used to reduce noise at the same time reducing other interferences in the wire outputs.     
According to how one wants to connect the different computer he may choose to use straight or cross over wires. If you want to fix the cables yourself, you have first to uncover at least 2 inches of the cable, untwist the naked wire, taking into account that the more the naked wire the more the interference in its performance may occur.  
The colors have to be matched according to the instructions and plug the naked wires in the RJ 45 splitter and to make sure than the metals are in good contacts, and cut the remaining cable to suit the needs. When one wants to wire the fixed wires, one must first lies down the necessary cable.
After the connectivity one can still use a tester to test the connectivity, if you find out that it not working try to look where you have done something wrong or start again the whole process from the beginning.


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