Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

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I believe God is still doing marvelous things in the lives of his children. However, only a few of them can recognize or discern what he’s doing. The reason is, very few of them have cultivated the attitude of gratitude.

Some Christians simply love complaining; they complain about how terrible the economic situation is and moan about the pain in their bodies. When you listen to such people long enough you’re sure to wonder whether or not God is still performing miracles.

     When the lord Jesus healed ten lepers, only one came back to thank him for the healing miracle. It was only this grateful leper that was made completely whole of the effects of the disease (Luke 17:19). If there’s one thing you should build yourself to be, it’s to be a grateful man or woman. Anybody who is grateful at the little things that he sees will be grateful at anything. When you pray to God, let it be from a grateful heart. Take time to thank him for his power that keeps you healthy and whole. Give him praise for the results you get every time you call upon his name. Thank him for his love, faithfulness and sovereignty.

A person may have different opportunities to acquire knowledge but may refuse to take it. Hence, ignorance is the rejection of knowledge.

    I remember a story I read some time ago about a poor little old lady, her employer was a very wealthy man and had given a document as a gift to the woman for her meritorious service. This man later died, leaving his enormous wealth to her, as his only surviving relative.

    The document was the only legal evidence needed to effect the transfer of this vast wealth. This woman was ignorant, she had the document framed and placed in the most prominent position in her living room. Every day, she would look at it with such joy and pride, dusting it in the mornings. That document was all she live a life of luxury and comfort for the rest of her days, yet she lived in abject poverty due to her ignorance. Sadly, many Christians today are just like this old lady. They legally have all things at their beck and call but have refused to get the necessary knowledge that will enable them vitally access their God-given inheritance.


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