How To Quit Resetting The Computer Clock

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Even if the date and time has a lot to do with the performance of the system, some of the main roles of the computer sending a letter to the network. Especially when you send e-mail address, date and time to respond properly. There are times when the system is not the right time and reset all the time. There may be many reasons for the clock system can not meet. The motherboard CMOS battery has a significant role in the performance of the system clock.

Reset the BIOS clock

To start and release time of the BIOS, restart your computer and make it closed while the system restarts, press the “Delete” on your keyboard repeatedly. While entering the system BIOS, there are different keys. Delete key can not work with all systems. So make sure you identify the key that will help you enter the BIOS setup. If you have not been able to retrieve the key, you can even choose how to hit and try and use the tab, F8, F1 and F10.With using the arrow keys to go to the system clock , type in the correct time and date and save it.

Try synchronizing with Internet Time

Even after that to perform the above steps, you will notice that the clock is set to remain difficult so it’s time to synchronize the clock with an internet start the clock, right click on the taskbar, then select the date and time. Select the tab that says Internet is a time to be in the box in which the “Automatically synchronize with an Internet time server”, select the check box and select the server you want to synchronize with the clock. “” is the default drop-down menu is selected or the other, could also be used, then press OK.

Change the CMOS battery

Each step in troubleshooting should be followed in order, after performing the above steps, found no difference in the time and date, you must activate the system and disconnect the power diet. Open the system chassis, there are tricks that does not require screwdriver to loosen, however, few who want to lose the screws. Open the side panel and locate within the CMOS battery. The motherboard must be able to see a button cell lithium-ion battery, the battery location on the motherboard will be different different. The battery must be disconnected from the motherboard. There are batteries that are mounted with clamps, make sure the batteries are removed after removing the staples. Bring a new battery market to ensure that all is well with your system and fit Restart the computer.

If you find the tedious process of opening up the platform and technical support for PCs equipped with a repair of the computer can help with a few simple steps.

Points to remember

When you open the system chassis, it is important to the earth by following the grounding standard.


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