Windows Restarts Without Warning

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There are instances when working with the system we will restart it. And ‘well if it happens once in a while, however, it becomes annoying when you restart the system to keep you. It will be important to identify the problem, however, the system does not start with an error message or a suggestion to solve the problem. So the next series of steps we will see what all could be the causes of system slow and after turning the resolution.

Software Version

More than once, it was noted that due to software conflicts or a software issue, reboot the system in unpredictable ways, making it necessary to take measures essential to first identify the root cause of the problem. To begin, you must restart the computer in Safe Mode. To do this, hold the F8 key repeatedly. Once the system is running on the Advanced menu, select the option that says safe mode and boot the system. Observe the system and try to see the difference in stability. If the system does not start again and again, the issues is with the software and should remove the newly installed software affected by method and trial.

Hardware problem

If reinstalling the computer hardware is partial or incomplete, or the material fails, the system will behave abruptly and restart without notice. Check and confirm that you have questions began to meet after the installation of the equipment or not. If so, then you should check the device manager for the drivers. To begin, click Start, Run and type “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter. The Device Manager window should have a list of installed devices. Look for an exclamation mark or red question mark. Update and install the drivers from the installation CD or the Internet. If after installing the drivers of the matter is resolved, the problem lied with the hardware.


There are cases where the system detects malware infections and is restarted. The resolution of the infection by the virus run a scan on your system. The analysis will identify the infection and therefore to take care of it. There are some infections that require removal, there is little that require quarantine. Therefore, viral infections are supported differently by antivirus software. If you do not have much information about virus removal, then you could call the threshold of support for high-tech PC equipped with remote support features.

Heat problems

System clock through the interior heat, and sometimes make some strange noises. To solve problems and take care of heated components within the system, it is essential to check the operation of the fan on the CPU, case fan should also be checked later.

Glitch in the operating system

If none of the above steps are not helpful for you, then you have the option of “failure of the operating system.” Observe the system startup and see if the system is buggy or not. If the system comes with the blue screen of death, then you should follow, the last known good configuration and recovery. However, if your most important files are not on these systems, you must follow to reinstall your operating system after the system backup data.


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