Local Google Traffic – Video And Article Distribution

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Video Distribution

Video is one of the most powerful types of media you can use. We already mentioned adding images and video to your Google Places page, but that’s not the only place those types of content can be used. There are dozens of video sharing sites, the most widely used being YouTube, where you can also share your videos about your mortgage brokers marketing business. Some of the other popular video sites include:

• Vimeo.com
• Dailymotion.com
• Veoh.com
• Justin.tv
• Buzznet.com
• Collegehumor.com
• Ustream.tv
• Revver.com

Some sites are focused on certain types of videos, such as Collegehumor.com which is focused on funny videos. Other sites have a wide range of topics, like YouTube.com, so you can post virtually any type of video.

Those videos could be a commercial format, or they could be something more educational if that style suits your mortgage website marketing business.

For example, if you operate a computer store you could set up a YouTube channel where you show people how to do various things with their computers. This would give you two opportunities to reach your customers.

First, people searching for a local computer store could find your videos on Google or another search engine, and they would see how knowledgeable you were. If you have a collection of videos showing various things they need to know to use a new computer, you’ll have set yourself up as the local expert before they ever set foot in your store.

And second, you could use this as a benefit for your existing customers. They could get tutorials about their computer on YouTube, and you could even take questions from them via email, Facebook or various other sources and create videos explaining how to do whatever they’re having trouble with.

Do you think that would help cement your customer relationships a little more effectively?

By submitting your video to multiple sites, you will extend your reach to more potential customers. Not only can they find the video on those sites directly, they can discover them through search engines like Google Video. You just never know where people will find your content, so the more places you can share it, the better.

Article Distribution

Article distribution is another highly effective way to reach your customers online. There are just as many article directories as there are video sharing sites, if not more. Some of the most effective sites to get your articles distributed include:

• Ezinearticles.com
• GoArticles.com
• Articlesbase.com
• WebProNews.com
• ArticleDashboard.com
• Article-buzz.com

Much like video sharing sites, some article distribution sites are more focused on certain topics, such as WebProNews.com which is mainly online marketing related information, while others cover virtually everything.

The way these sites work is you submit your article to get published on their website. You can include a short “bio” at the end of the article, telling the reader what your company offers along with a link back to your website.

The link in your bio has two benefits:

• People who read the article will click on the link to visit your website, and once they do, they can sign up for your email list, read more about your company or anything else that you offer on your site.
• The link helps your website rank higher in Google and other search engines, so the more articles you distribute, the better you will rank when people are searching for local businesses.

The real power of these article sites is in the syndication features they offer. Most of these sites let other websites use your article on their site, as long as they leave your bio intact at the end of it.

So as other sites syndicate your article, you will get even more opportunities to reach your customers as well as more and more backlinks helping to push your website up in the search engine rankings.

And while all this is happening, you will help to establish your reputation as an expert. If someone goes searching for reviews or more information about your company, they will find all these different mortgage broker websites where your articles are posted. This will help make you the local expert on what you have to offer.

After all, if you saw the same author’s articles in every magazine you read about a particular topic, you would probably think they know a little something about that subject, wouldn’t you? Being mentioned all over the internet has the same effect.


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