Elixir to Health

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An old adage goes, ‘An apple a day keep the doctor away.’ But the fact is not only apple but all the raw vegetables and fruits do wonder to your health. One of the nature’s biggest gifts to mankind is the herb and herbal medicine. They are certainly slow in effect in comparison to the chemical-based medicines but if taken regularly can do wonders to one’s health. They are highly preventive in nature. One such gift is Amla or the Indian gooseberry.

Since the time immemorial India is famous for the use of herbal medicines. The Ayurveda system of is hundreds of years old. Sages and yogis used to wander in the woods for new finds. One such fruit is the Indian gooseberry which is known to be the elixir to health. A lot has been said about this fruit which is the richest source of vitamin C. The Indian gooseberry or Amla is a sour fruit with extraordinary medicinal properties. In off season it can be used in dried form.

It belongs to Euphorbiaceae family. Its botanical Name is Emblica Officinalis. It contains all five tastes like Sour, Astringent, Sweet, Bitter and Pungent. It does not contain Salty taste. In fresh form the fruit contains more than 80% water, protein, minerals, fiber and carbohydrates besides being an excellent source of vitamin C.

Health Benefits.  

·         It is anti-diabetic in its properties.

·         It is used as a remedy against fever.

·         Used in anemia as it increases red blood cell production.

·         Used in indigestion, urinary problems and respiratory problems.

·         Strengthens teeth and nails.

·         It promotes healthy hair and its regular use delays graying of hair.

·         It boosts the absorption of calcium and therefore strengthens bones.

·         It detoxifies the body and therefore acts as a beautifying agent for the skin.

·          Taking gooseberry juice with honey improves eyesight.

·         Gooseberry has got excellent laxative properties.

·         Regular use of the fruit improves appetite.

·         It improves the overall body immunity.

·         It eases the gastric problems.

·         It is naturally anti-bacterial and astringent in its properties and therefore protects body against infection.

·         Its powdered form is used in place of shampoo.


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