Okay Premarital Sex American Style

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OKAY, Premarital Sex American Style

Sex is the only need, basic need which needs to be fulfilled at the right age. Owing to advancement in telecommunications, also interaction over the internet, porn, gays lesbians just name any form of sex and you will find actively sexing couples round the globe today.

The main aim of dating is sex, and finding out the ability of a male to orgasm a female, by foreplay etc. orgasm her, before he runs away and spills his beans, so to say prematurely , though his ejaculation inside the vagina  amounts to male orgasm. The female continues to lay dissatisfied, with an incomplete satisfying orgasm.  Secondly, mental compatibility needs evaluation before indulging in intercourse. The western world has taken lead and Asiatic countries also now follow similar trends and as many women now work, play games, ride horses, use bananas, virginity has lost all intrinsic values. It can be lost in simple masturbation.

The word virginity was applied to women only, as the membrane in the vagina was a gift of nobility to a new hubby. Now all that is archaic and ancient. If a gal and guy are virgins, they will be classified as sexual dopes, perhaps impotent, so let’s have sex as we school and work. To hell with marriage. Let’s open clubs of sexual needs, take a gal and guy, and live in as long as is possible together and by a stroke of bad luck if the girl conceives she will have to prove the DNA of man. As paternity is heresy and maternity is a fact, she can pin the DNA straight. In a rare case of twins, she may have a set of DNA to prove and she will be able to do so. Therefore, go ahead get out of the shell of ancients; they also had sex when it was needed.  All boys and gals love it in between 15 to 27 years of age and testosterone and oestrogen levels gradually fade away and sexual desires peak for both sexes. The right kind of sex at the right time, with the right person, is all that is right and we all share an equal right to thus indulge in premarital sex.

The responsibility for maintaining the child will be equally shared by both partners who are the final biological parents of the child. That too till 18 years of age, thereafter the kids will have to fend for themselves should the parents decide to live separately.


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