How to Make a Digital Converter Box And Vcr Work Together To Tape Your Shows

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Using the Digital converter box to make the change from Analog to Digital has been quite frustrating for many others and me.  When I thought I could no longer record (on my VCR) my favorite programs was even more frustrating. Then my sister figuring it out first guided me in the right direction. I’ll try to help you understand How to make a digital converter box and VCR work together to tape your shows too.

Things you will need:

  • TV

  • Converter box

  • Cables

  • Antenna

  • VCR

  1. If you are like us, your TV’s are a few years old and your VCR even older. I keep it to watch the VHS tapes I bought and to record my favorite shows. After missing one of my shows and it frustrating me, I started looking into it.First thing to do is unplug your antenna from your VCR.

  2. Now plug your antenna into your digital converter box. In addition, from your VCR (out to TV post)to your TV just like it has always been.

  3. Using the cable that came with your digital converter box, plug one end into the Out To TV port on the digital converter box. Plug the other end into the Antenna In port on your VCR.

VCR Tape

  1. Put your TV on 3 or 4 which ever you use.

  2. Then on your remote from your VCR hit the TV/VCR button.

  3. Now using your VCR remote, put your VCR on matching channel of either 3 or 4.

  4. You should now be able to see all Digital channels you are able to get. Depending on the antenna system you have, some people may get more or less channels than you do. You are now ready to record on your VCR.

  5. When programming the TV programs shows into your VCR is still tricky. You can only tape what the TV sees. You have to have the TV on the channel you want to tape, so when setting the VCR you put channel 3 as the channel and set the time as normal. So if tomorrow, while at work, you want to tape your favorite soap opera, leave your TV on the correct channel before shutting it off.

Tips & Warnings:

  • This method only lets you record the channel you are watching! To watch and record at the same time takes a completely bigger more expensive process check out site.

  • Who said digital Television was better? It is much more complicated to me!


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