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Although these games are based on the same principal of matching numbers and win, however the odds have been taken to a whole new level. Participants playing the lottery can feel the heat now. So there is an urge to find ways and loop holes in the system to play this game with increased chances of winning. But unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule or principal that states that you should adopt these strategies to enhance your winning chances.
When it comes to playing lottery your best friends are you brain and your instincts. Always make sure that you listen and believe in these two things. If you successfully do so your chances of winning the lottery will automatically increase. When betting on the ticket always spit out the numbers that first come in your mind. Make a point that you would not rethink on certain numbers. Just remember the very first numbers that you brain picks is the best numeric combination for the ticket. Trouble would hit you when you would start once you start to reconsider you choice.
Once you have thought of the numbers just write them down and get your ticket on those numbers. Never share you numeric combination with anyone, not even with your friends. If your instincts are saying a number and your brain is suggesting something else they you can experiment with the numbers but you need to keep this process a secret. If you believe in luck, you can also introduce you’re lucky number or numbers in the numeric combination. You would have mental satisfaction with the new numbers. Your mind would be satisfied that your effort is now also supported with your luck.
Avoid talking to anyone before you go and get the lottery ticket. However there are certain general principles of probability that you should keep in mind. There is a very less probability that the numbers that were winning numbers from the last lottery would bring you success. There is absolutely no significance of you date of birth or data of birth of any of your family member. Choosing combination with odd and even numbers fairly increases the chance of your combination to win. If you act upon these tips your chances of winning the lottery would significantly increase.
In the end the basic principal remains the same like the game. The combination that came to your mind at the very first instance would be the best combination; however you can make it even better by applying the rules of probability as mentioned above. People also believe that numbers should be chosen by the participant himself. He should not allow machine to select numbers for him. The odds would be great against the participant is he would allow the machine to choose the combination for him. Always remember your two best friends, your mind and your instinct.


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