Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress

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Your Site’s Marketing

Google loves WordPress! This is a fact. A platform like WordPress can continually be updated with ease plus fresh content is Google’s preferred food.To be found on top of Search Engines like Google, it’s important to constantly update your site. The WordPress platform makes this incredibly easy. You be able to edit the name of your page, add keyword specific, happy publish and Search Engines determination do the rest.

There are also plugins that you be able to use to enhance your SEO skills. SEO is search train marketing. That means getting your site closer to the pinnacle With amazing plugin’s like Yoast SEO Plugin, you can make all sorts of great Google Food.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what these are, just know that Google loves them and they will assist you get found: Submit an XML Google Sitemap, Edit your page titles and descriptions, squeeze pages for faster load times, clean code. WordPress and Yoast does all of this.

Your Sites Design

You don’t require to be a designer in the direction of have an amazing website by means of WordPress. At its core present are plenty of free place designs that you can decide from. If you want amazing even more amazing, sites similar to Elegant Themes, WooThemes, StudioPress, plus much more can help you get exceptional looks for your WordPress site.

If you’re not 100% comfortable installing WordPress, trade themes, setting them up, et cetera you can use a corporation like ItsBuiltForYou ( where you be able to get all those premium themes, already installed and ready in the direction of go with your favorite connect There are so many looks to choose from that at what time you get tired of single you can always switch in the direction of another. 

WordPress is very easy to use

WordPress was built as a blogging platform but can be used as a full-fledged matter management system as well.

Most of the stuff you find on the admin side are self-explanatory like Pages (the pages of your site), posts (the posts that are on your blog), media (where you store all your images), and comments (where you moderate comments on your posts)

There are other choices like the settings, tools, users, etc. that you may not get right of the bat, but after you show around with them, it’ll all start creation sense. With WordPress you can also produce your own menu navigation, add as countless pages as you like, and so much more.

There are special enhancements called plugins that you can put in to your site too! Just to label a few there are plugins that make it easy to put in pages and posts, add your Facebook and twitter side, keep track of your visitors and so much more. WordPress is really the platform of choice when it occur to creating a website.


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