Hydro Energy | The Renewable Source With Many Advantages

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Water is life and so hydro energy gives life to the earth. Hydro energy is the energy taken from water and converted into electricity. Hydro energy is harvested in various ways, the most common being the hydroelectric dam. Here, water comes down from a height causing turbines to turn and the hydro energy thus produced is then captured to run a generator. The generator converts the hydro energy into electricity which is then channeled to homes and business premises for use.

Another way in which hydro energy can be harvested is through tidal waves or wave power, where the energy created by the waves is harnessed as hydro energy and converted into mechanical and electrical energy.

Advantage of hydro energy is that it is renewable as it cannot be depleted; hence it comes with permanence and a promise to always be there for use. Another advantage is that hydro energy is a clean kind of energy as it does not emit toxins to the environment when being harvested or used. This is very important at the moment since the earth is facing many impacts of fossil fuels. With global warming, climate change and loss of forests are common due to toxic gases in the atmosphere which bring about the greenhouse effect. Hydro energy is a reliable source of energy and the conversion of hydro energy to electricity is almost instant. Hydro energy can also serve a large surface area unlike other renewable sources of energy.
Hydro energy also has a down side. The harnessing process of hydro energy can lead to a change in the natural flow of the water where it is being tapped. This interferes with the water life supported by that water body. The hydro energy tapping process can affect the ecosystem of a certain place and change the place since dams have to be flooded for the process to be carried out.

The society can therefore decide to support tapping and harnessing this energy by encouraging individuals to donate towards the same. People may donate cars which will be sold to pay for the equipment used in the tapping of hydro energy.


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