Nurturing The Children

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How do you bring up your child in such a way that he or she will give you peace at the end of your life? How do you cope with the demands of a child, so that you do not spoil the child and at the same time you do not deny the child the required love and care?

Children need to be cared for. They need to be given direction and they need to be disciplined so as to help them nurture their character. Therefore parents should be ready to take part in their daily lives.

Inculcate in the child the art of gratitude. Children learn from very fast, try to as much as possible make your child learn to appreciate and not take others for granted, it will be a vital virtue for him to use as time goes on.

Some children find it hard to eat; you will need to help him understand that it is necessary to eat good portions of his food so as not to give himself to eating junks and thereby avoid eating disorders. As for the children who will want to eat the whole food in the house and eat almost anything the mouth can accommodate, there is need for discipline so as to help him avoid health issues.

Parents need to help curb the excesses of their children as they may become bullies if they are allowed to continue the way they want. This problem will surface in the children when they are being rebuked by the parents. When such behavior is noticed the parents should take a decisive action so as to help the child overcome the tantrum.

Teach your children the virtue of saving for the future. If you allow your child he would want to spend all that he gets, let him know that that habit is not good, lay a good foundation for him to realize that it pays to have savings. Never allow him have his way to spend all that he gets.

Be the real guide for your child in attending to his school works; never allow him put off what he needs to attend to in his works. If you allow, children will like to play from morning till night, but be firm as regards his assignments. Help him go through it constantly, be there for him.

Some children will like to be on their own, not mingling with other children. Do not allow this because it has its repercussions later in life. Guide him to enjoy playing with others and enjoying their company, not to seat with computer/video games or just staying indoors.

Always find time to play with your child as that will lay a good foundation for love and giving attention to you as the parent will no longer be a problem.


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