Blogging Basics TO Make Money Online!

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Blogging  online is a trusted method to make online income. With today’s the internet, most internet users are maintaining their personal blogs. If you’re a beginner (like me) you have questions regarding blogging. Here is some information for people who willing to start a blog.

How much money you need to expend?

Generally, no their to expense money for a start a blog. You can use free blogging solutions. Under their terms and conditions, you can continue your blog. But if you want to do more, or if you want to do some business with it, better to use paid solutions.

Do you need hosting space or a Domain?
If you want you can use paid hosting service and domain name for your blog. But it is not required. You can use free blogging solution like or They help you to create and publish your blog within a little time. Anyway, paid solutions are always stable. In free blogging solutions, they can shut down your blog if they think you have violated their policies.

Which software required?

No any special software required for blogging. If you have a good word processing program, it is helpful. But free blogging solutions are providing everything for your blog. Blogger is providing their blogging software as free. It is an open source CMS based blogging platform and very useful for bloggers and small web publishers. With paid hosting, you can use blogger.

What you can publish?
You can publish anything you want to. But inside the limit of terms and conditions of software or blogging solution you’re using. What your interest, you can start blogging about it. Most people are using a blog as their personal diary. But blog can be use for the wide range of purposes.

Can you make money with blogging?
Yes, you can make money with a blog. Some people are earning good online income through their blogs. Affiliate marketing, advertising and some other ways are generating income for bloggers. If you can increase popularity of your blog, it is the way to make money with your blog. Useful contents are extracting visitors and increase your income.


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