Elica Cream Review

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Elica cream review

Even minor eczema causes many skin problems like itching reddening, skin inflammation and skin flaking.  Just recently I had to visit the doctor as I suffered from eczema and he prescribed my Elica cream along with some allergy pills for relief from the skin allergy and itching.

Elica cream does help in quick relief from all the symptoms associated with eczema, actually with the very first use, it provided relief from the itch which really was helpful. The itching of the skin was making life horrible and at least after using Elica cream the itching was gone and I didn’t have to walk around with red skin and annoying skin irritation.

Along with Elica cream I was given some allergy pills to take after food, so I really don’t know if it was the drug or Elica cream which treated Eczema in just a week but application of Elica cream surely is beneficial in relieving from the itch and skin irritation associated with eczema. I used Elica cream for about 3-4 weeks along with the prescribe medication and it really brought the condition under control.

Eczema isn’t something which can be easily treated, it reappears time and again but the good thing was, this time I had Elica cream available at my disposable which I applied for treating the itching and skin reddening. Elica cream also is price effective, it just cost over a dollar for a small tube which is comparatively cheap. Second time around I didn’t even have to visit the doctor, just application of Elica cream and some over the counter allergy medication helped my treat the problem.

The good thing about Elica cream is it treats skin allergic reaction very fast, within few hours of applying the cream the itching subsides and the rashes disappear and unlike other products it doesn’t have any side effects. These days whenever I suffer from the symptoms I use Elica Cream and if it’s over I take my old prescription to the nearby pharmacy and buy a tube of the medication. Who is gonna visit the doctor again and again!


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