Rattan Furniture: Choose a Supplier With Exceptional Quality

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The rattan furniture industry has evolved from small scale rural cottage type activities into a big time, business generating, labor intensive employment to tens of thousands of people throughout the South East Asia region where rattan species flourish in its tropical forests. Large scale plantations of rattan species n many areas are the sources of raw materials used to manufacture different kinds of rattan furniture. Today, you can see dining sets, living room sets, cabinets, patio furniture, chaise lounges, coffee tables and many more indoor and outdoor furniture and accessories made of rattan in the most sophisticated of world markets such as the United States, Canada, Europe, China, Japan and Korea.


Big rattan furniture manufacturers today have assembly lines of a mix of automation and manual handcrafting sections producing all kinds and styles of rattan furniture. Some manufactures are using Total Quality Manufacturing (TQM) approach to be able to present customers with their “Certificate of Authenticity “to guarantee quality rattan furniture in conformity with the best standards set in the industry. Turning out well made pieces of rattan or wicker furniture require a smooth running process starting from harvesting, processing down to several steps and lots of quality control until the end products are finished and ready for packaging and shipping.


Here is a sample of a quality control guide when it comes to the “Finish” section of a rattan manufacturer. “All rattan and wood surfaces are sanded smooth and all exposed edges and corners shall be eased. All holes, check and shakes shall be filled and stained or toned to match color of rattan parts. Exposed nails, screws and bolts shall be countersunk with the holes with plastic wood fillers or rattan plugs flushed and sanded smooth before finishing. Furniture finish shall be in accordance with any of the following: lacquer or nitro-based clear finishes; cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB); acid catalyst clear lacquers; polyurethane; oil or wax and polyester. All materials used for juvenile furniture shall be of the non-toxic type; all polished, painted or otherwise finished surfaces shall be of good workmanship and brought to a durable finish; there shall be no excessive stickiness or surface disfigurement of any type such as blistering, marking or change of color when the furniture is subjected to dry heat.”

Some people have the misconception that rattan furniture is only good for outdoor use. The truth is you will be surprised to see many five star rated hotels, high end condominiums, offices and resorts fully furnished with all types of indoor rattan furniture, fixtures and accessories. To give you an idea, you can order various designs, finish and exclusive craftsmanship of one-of-a-kind rattan living room sets, dining room sets, group seating sets, bedroom set, accolade collection, chairs, swivel chairs, arm chairs, side chairs, lounge chairs, rocking chairs, rattan bars, bar stools, lounges and sofas, chaise lounges, recliners, and all types of rattan office furniture.

Most furniture are supplied with design cushions of your choice to provide maximum comfort and enjoyment. It is better to choose a pattern you know you can live with for many years. Select the colors, prints and designs that fit your taste and personality and make sure that the cushions are fire retardant. With regards to foam cushion material, choose those with high resilient, density and indentation load deflection rating. Ask guidance from the dealer.

With respect to rattan decor and accessories, you can order wicker baskets, benches, chests and drawers, dividers and partitions, hampers, lamps, magazine racks, mirrors, ottomans, serving carts, shelves, coffee tables, planters, wine racks, umbrella racks, vases, etc As you can see, your choice is endless when you plan to redecorate your home or office with rattan furniture Choose a reliable manufacturer with factory priced exceptional quality rattan furniture, with lots of innovative and creative designs and can deliver promptly!


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