How To Speed Up The Sale Of Your Home

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The stress of selling a home can be painful. This stress can be caused by the reason for the sale, such as death and sometimes it is caused by the process. Follow our top five secrets to selling and make your transition less complicated.

1)Realtor Relationship is key. Your Real Estate Agent is there to help you. They are trained and experienced in selling your home. The realtor can provide insight in to home values specific to your area. Allow them space for tours. They can read the buyers attitudes and direct them to features that you might not consider. Be honest with your real estate agent. Give them all the information you have so they can answer questions promptly and push a sale through quicker.

2) Clean up your act. Or your home at least! Whether this means garage sales or just detail cleaning and dusting, clear the surfaces in your home. Make your bathroom fixtures sparkle. Tidy and groom your backyard. The exterior of your home makes the first impression. Weed, mow, shovel, sweep… do what needs to be done and stay on top of it so you are show-ready at all times.

3) Monitor your pets. You may love them, but the buyer may not. This can be a make or break factor in the sale of your house. Remove pet hair, vacuum, clean litter boxes. Pick up the backyard. Whether it is allergies or simply a preference, signs of pets in the home can be a deal-breaker. So clean your carpets, repair scratches or scrapes in the walls. Stay on top of the litter box, even by hiding it if you can for showing.

4) Freshen up. Fix the dripping taps, fill small holes in the walls. Paint it up in neutral tones. Don’t spend a fortune on these little repairs, though, as many new owners will personalize it anyway but DO make sure your home is move-in ready.

5)Start saying goodbye. Just as you will want to free up your shelves from personal pictures to spare distraction from your home’s selling features, you will want to start packing away personal memories as well. As soon as you have listed, you need to ready yourself mentally for the move. Start letting go of the memories you will not see every day, like the treehouse in the backyard. Start saying goodbye now and get ready for your next adventure. Sure, the sale could take a long time and give you months to do this, but it could go really quickly and leave you breathless in the process of the quick move. Spare yourself the shock and start getting ready today.

Now. Take a few deep breaths and jump in to the home selling pool. Enjoy the journey!

An Edmonton Realtor and Real Estate Team offers great advice and more on the best ways to improve your chances when selling your home. Follow the advice of your realtor and enjoy the home selling process! For more information and tips, or for listings visit today.


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