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Renewable energy is the energy which comes from natural resources like the sun, wind, rain, and others. Renewable energy is the kind that replenishes itself. It cannot be depleted, hence it has some sort of permanence. Renewable energy is clean and safe energy. It does not cause any pollution to the atmosphere as it does not contain substances that pollute the atmosphere or gases that have greenhouse effect on the earth. Renewable energy has a lower cost of operation since their sources are natural. They are of a greater advantage than the non-renewable ones. Renewable energy requires less maintenance than non-renewable energy.

Renewable energy also has some disadvantages. For one, it is impossible to produce the required energy in large amounts like the fossil fuels can. Also, due to their newness in the field, the cost of initiating renewable energy sources is high and poses a great challenge.

The kinds of renewable energy are solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric energy, geothermal energy, biomass, ocean energy, and others. Solar energy is an advantageous kind of renewable energy since its equipment can easily fit in buildings, hence it does not take up space on the land. Solar energy, however, is controlled by the geography of a place and may be affected by the night and cloudy days.

Wind energy is another form of renewable energy. It is the largest job producer when it comes in renewable energy. It relies on strong winds and is also not very dependable as the wind is not always blowing.

Another kind of renewable energy is geothermal energy. It generates its energy from the steam produced in the earth’s surface. It does not require big land sources like the other sources of renewable energy. Its disadvantage is that it is specific to certain areas and finding these areas requires funds.

Ocean energy is another form of renewable source of energy. It is clean and abundant. However, laying the equipment to harness, it can be very costly and sometimes upset the ecosystem. Humans have no excuse therefore to continue polluting the Earth when they can use any of the renewable energy mentioned above.


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